Astilbe Roots – How to Grow

Astilbe Roots - How to Grow
Astilbe fanal roots are a group of Late Spring, Early Summer flowering perennials with tall, feathery flower heads that rise up above dense clumps of bronze green foliage. These versatile plants can be used in some of the most difficult sites in gardens including damp soils and partial shade. Their distinctive plumes of showy blooms ...

Astilbe Fanal Plant Profile

Astilbe Fanal Plant Profile
SEE IMAGES OF ASTILBE  FANAL Astilbe Fanal Shape & Size Final Height: 50 – 70cm Final Spread: 50cm Growth: Fast Growth Rate. Astilbe Fanal plants are ideal for difficult sites in gardens. They need damp soil conditions to thrive and will be happy in a shaded spot Type: Herbaceous perennial Habit: Clump forming, bushy perennial ...
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