About Us

Here at How to Garden we want to share our knowledge and years of experience in all areas of the garden and gardening with you. We know that people in Ireland have a passion for the outdoors and we want to share our passion with you.

With our dedicated team of horticulturalists, we aim to cover every aspect of gardening; whether you need advice on how to grow vegetables or looking for garden design inspirations, How to Garden is your all in one website. Because this is an Irish website built and managed by Irish Landscapers and Horticulturalists our articles and answers are tailor-made for Irish gardens.

We provide tips and advice on growing plants in the Irish climate, how to maintain and manage your garden throughout the year and how to protect your plants against the worst frosts and wettest of summers. We can help you control a range of weeds commonly found in Irish gardens and we will suggest and describe the best trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants for the Irish gardens and what can be found in Irish Garden Centres.

This website has been designed to answer all your questions, whatever they may be and if you can’t find the answers you need you can always suggest an article and one of our team will do a blog post on it at a future point.