Ajuga ‘Burgundy Glow’ – Plant Profile

Ajuga Plants

Also known as bugle weed, Ajuga plants are a popular ground cover plant for low maintenance gardens. This hardy & thuggish creeper will take over patches of your garden saving you from the task of weeding. This may not be a plant for rockeries or herbaceous borders where more delicate flowers grow as Ajuga will eventually smoother them all out if not kept in check.

In Ireland we have native Ajuga plants called Ajuga Reptans or Bugle. While most ornamental bugles have deep purple foliage, our native has green leaves with a hint of bronze. They both have the distinctive erect blooms of light blue flowers in May & June

Ajuga Burgundy Glow

The foliage of all Ajugas is their stand out feature but Burgundy glow is in a league of it’s own with a multi-colour show. It’s evergreen leaves put on a show all year round and spikes of blue / purple foliage appear in early Summer.

Ajuga Plant ‘Burgundy Glow’ Shape, Size & Characteristics

  • Final Height: 50cm
  • Final Spread: 100cm
  • Growth: Fast growth rate
  • Spacing: 60 – 90cm
  • Type: Evergreen, Creeper
  • Perennial, meaning it comes back every year
  • Habit: Low, Spreading
  • Hardiness: Fully hardy
  • Companion Plants: Ophiopogons, Purple Sage, Lavender, Alliums, Buxus sempervirens & Spiraea gold flame

Ajuga Plant ‘Burgundy Glow’ Features

Not as thuggish as more common Ajuga varieties, burgundy glow can sit well next to herbaceous perennials such as lavenders, Alchemilla and Geraniums without completely taking over. The foliage of Burgundy Glow is a mix of creams, greens & pink, making it a real stand out plant in garden borders.

Ajuga Plant ‘Burgundy Glow’ Flowers

Ajuga plants have short spikes of deep blue flowers appearing above shiny foliage from late Spring into early Summer.

Ajuga Plant ‘Burgundy Glow’ Location

Happy in partial shade, full shade & full sun adds to this plants versatility. Ajugas are generally sown towards the front of flower beds to provide ground cover & reduce maintenance in flower beds. Ajuga plants can also be used to under-plant deciduous shrubs & trees such as dogwood or silver birch where the bark colour contrasts well with the foliage of Ajuga. Ajuga prefer slight acidic soil conditions.

Ajuga Plant ‘Burgundy Glow’ Care

Just by adding these plants to your garden you are reducing maintenance. Ajuga requires little care but every few years you should cut it back to prevent it from smothering out other flowers. You can also take root cuttings in Autumn.