Alchemilla Mollis – Plant Profile

Alchemilla Plants

Alchemilla, also known as Lady’s Mantle is not the most popular of garden plants but it has many merits that earn it’s place in any garden. Firstly we should mention that this is an excellent companion plant for Geranium Johnson’s Blue as both flower at the same time and the blue & yellow flowers of each combine for a burst of colour in mid Summer. Alchemilla is a group of clump forming plants with bold, palmate leave,s distinctive for the way that water droplets hold on them after a rain shower. In Ireland we have a native Alchemilla called Alchemilla Vulgaris but below we focus on the Alchemilla Mollis variety.

Alchemilla Mollis

Alchemilla Mollis is also a clump forming perennial with limey green leaves that give a vibrant glow throughout the Summer. These are evergreen plants and can be used to underplant trees & shrubs offering ground cover & preventing weed growth. Mollis can spread quite easily through seed dispersal, so, if you plant this in your garden expect to see it popping up everywhere if not kept in check.

Alchemilla Mollis Plant Shape, Size & Characteristics

  • Final Height: 50cm
  • Final Spread: 50cm
  • Growth: Fast growth rate
  • Spacing: 50cm
  • Type: Evergreen Perennial. Clump forming ground cover
  • Perennial, meaning it comes back every year
  • Habit: Mounded
  • Hardiness: Fully hardy
  • Companion Plants: Geranium Johnson’s Blue, Geranium Max Frei, Ophiopogons, Buxus sempervirens & Spiraea gold flame

Alchemilla Mollis Plant Features

Bold, palmately lobed leaves are the stand out feature of these plants. They are bright green & contrast extremely well with more common garden plants. Ruffled leaf margins give the plants a weedy / wild appearance.

Alchemilla Mollis Plant Flowers

The flowers of Alchemilla Mollis form an airy mass of tiny, yellow-green blooms that rise up from their foliage, standing proud until they flop over & droop due to their own volume and weight. Flowers are similar to that of baby’s breath and are also suitable as cut flowers.

Alchemilla Mollis Plant Location

Happy in partial shade, full shade & full sun adds to this plants versatility. Medium height allows Alchemilla Mollis bulbs to be planted towards the front & middle of borders. Can also be used to line pathways & driveways.

Alchemilla Mollis Care

These can be a bit of a thug in the garden, So shear back foliage hard in early Summer & again in late Autumn. These plants can spread easily, so each year you will need to pick out sprouting seedlings to prevent the plant from taking over