A Bench Cover Can Really Save your Furniture Over the Winter Months

The chill is setting in and all ideas of al fresco dinning have long past. With the sun setting by 5pm in the evening it’s a wonder how everyone can even manage 10 minutes in the garden. With all that in mind it seems unnecessary to have your patio furniture and garden bench sitting out on the patio.  And with the extreme weather conditions that come with winter it makes great scene to protect your garden furniture from these conditions in winter. If you don’t have a large enough shed and your garden storage box is full of other items sheltering from the winter cold then maybe you should consider using a bench cover to protect your bench from the winter elements.

Bad weather such as wind, rain, snow and frost will slowing but constantly wear away at and break down your garden furniture over the course of years. To keep your garden furniture looking great and working its best for many years you will need to maintain it and look after it. Using a bench cover

or other furniture cover is just one of a number of things that can be done to keep your furniture at its best.

With wooden benches and furniture it is recommended that you gently sand down all wooden surfaces and then paint with a wood oil such as a linseed oil. This is soak into the wood and prevent it from drying out and cracking. Linseed oil also coats and protects wood from the external elements. Fabrics on furniture are best brought indoors as damp conditions outside can seep into these materials leading to mould. Any metals or steel  furniture should be cleaned and rubbed down with WD40. This again will coat the surface and reduce the chances of rust and general wear and tear. Once done you can cover over the bench with your bench cover and store until the warm weather returns in March (and then put them away again for the wet summer months!)

Garden tools should also be given a once over before putting away for the winter. Over the course of the gardening season, garden tools are put though a lot of hardship. Clean, oil and sharpen all blades before storing. Garden storage boxes are great for storing a range of tools, keeping them dry and free frost the winter elements.

If you don’t have a furniture cover or bench cover you can use a tarpaulin instead. Tarpaulins, like bench covers, are water and wind proof and provide the necessary shelter for a range of different furniture shapes and sizes. So, as you can see not only squirrels want to hibernate over the winter, and sometimes we all feel like we could do with falling asleep in winter and not waking up until some-time in spring, for that I wouldn’t recommend using a bench cover though.