Astilbe Fanal Plant Profile


Astilbe Fanal Shape & Size
Final Height: 50 – 70cm
Final Spread: 50cm
Growth: Fast Growth Rate. Astilbe Fanal plants are ideal for difficult sites in gardens. They need damp soil conditions to thrive and will be happy in a shaded spot
Type: Herbaceous perennial
Habit: Clump forming, bushy perennial

Astilbe Fanal Features
Foliage: Fern like with serrated edges
Colour: Deep Green & Glossy

Astilbe Flowers
Plumes of feathery flowers appear above the fern like foliage in
Flowering period: May to September

Astilbe Fanal Location
Uses: Foliage & flowers provide contrast in your flower beds. Ideal for shade and wet sites in garden. Astilbes will brighten up a dull corner and grow in places where other plants won’t grow
Aspect: Sun or Partial Shade
Soil: Damp or moist soils. High in fertility and organic matter or humus
pH: Neutral, Acid or Alkaline
Hardiness:  Hardy
Companion Plants: Plant with Echinacea, Weiglia purpurea, pittosporum silver queen, carex stipa,

Astilbe Fanal Information:
If you wish to grow Astilbes in your garden but your soil is on the dry side then you can still create the desired growing conditions for astilbes. The technique involves digging out a larger planting hole for each astilbe plant, ideally the hole should be about 2ft wide and 2ft deep. To create a damp growing environment you can place a plastic liner into the base of the planting hole. Punch about 5 small holes in the liner to allow a small amount of water to drain through and this is give a slow draining soil that will remain moist for your astilbe roots
Clumps of astilbes can be divided every three or four years, this is best done in early spring. Ideally fresh cuttings should be growing under cover for the first few months until they have established enough to be grown on out in the garden