A Bag of Flower Bulbs for Spring Colour

There is something quite magical about spring flower bulbs! How, the in depths of a gloomy February, while all else sleeps, the spring bulbs burst into life. Splashes of colour begin to appear as early as January as the first crocus and snowdrops come into floor

These smallest and most delicate of flower bulbs store up all their energy and wait for just the right moment to burst into life, the beginning of spring is a rear opportunity for some plants to grow and spring flower bulbs take advantage of that.  This rear opportunity that spring bulbs take advantage of is the lack of leaves on deciduous trees and the low winter sunlight that shines on the otherwise shaded out woodland floor.
The low sun light is all it takes for the bulbs to open and for the young shoots to emerge

With the store of food built up over the previous year and the small nature of spring flower bulbs, they can develop new growth early in the year before all other plants.

If you want to add colour to your garden that extends from the short bleak days of early January right through until sunny and warm May then here is a full list of bulbs that you can buy in autumn for your garden.
The list below outlines the timing of when these flower bulbs come into bloom:

January to February:

Galanthus nivalis & Elwesii  (Snowdrop)
Aconites hyemalis (Winter Aconities)
Iris unguicularis (Algerian Iris)
Crocus varieties including Pickwick, Flowering Record & Jeanne De Arch
Scilla Siberia (Siberian Scilla)
Anemone blanda (Winter Windflower)
Muscari Latifolium (Grape Hyacinth)
Daffodil Jet Fire & Barrett Browning

February to March

Fritillaria Mealagris (Snake’s Head Fritillary)
Tulip bulbs including Yokohama
Hyacinthus (Hyacinths including Delft Blue & White Pearl)

March to April & May

Bluebells (Hyacinthoides Non Scripta is the best variety)
Iris Including Golden Beauty & Hollandica Blue
Most Tulip varieties including Queen of the Knight & Ile De France
Daffodil Apolonia & Frostbite
Alliums Globe master, Drumstick, Ambassador & Persian