Bird Food For a Bird Feeding Station

If you are going to feed your birds this year then why not go for something that will attract the maximum number of bird species to your garden. With the bird feeding station you can leave out a wider variety of bird food types to attract a wider range of birds

Bird feeding has been a hobby across England & Ireland for centuries and in that time we have no doubt, helped to maintain the high numbers of wild birds that live and live urbanised and domestic areas through offering a regular source of high nutritional feeds

Many birds can be found in and around urbanised areas and you too can encourage them into your garden with the right bird food. Of course certain birds will only eat certain type of bird food. So for maximum results its always best of offer a wide range of bird food type and many incorporate them into once bird feeding station

If you offer your birds a standard bird feed, check the ingredients and see what exactly you are feeding them. Common ingredients include Millet, Cut Corn, Sunflower Seeds as well as other cereals and sometimes suet. These different ingredients will attract a range of birds and so these mixed bird foods are great for attracting a wider range of birds to your bird feeding station
As well as bird food mixes you could include a peanut feeder and nyjer seed feeder to attract other birds while fat balls can be hung directly for their nets from tree branches. Other great advantage of the bird feeding station is that it includes its own bird bath. Bird baths alone are a real attraction for birds and the best thing here is that all you need to do is to fill the bath with water every few days and the birds will keep coming back

If you are new to bird feeding and you have just set up your feeding station then it is important to have patience at first as it can take some time before the birds will find their way to your food source. With that in mind; on your first feeding you should only half fill your feeders and allow time for the birds to come and find your food

But because the impact of feeding birds is not as a positive one you should remember to do the following:

  • Be sure to continue feeding your birds throughout the year
  • Clean out your bird feeders every few weeks, to prevent the spread of disease
  • Try planting some berry bushes & native plants around your garden, such as whitethorn, black thorn, holly, Prunus padus and sorbus
  • Other non natives including pyracantha, berberis and sunflowers are also great plants for attracting birds
  • Ensure that the food you are using is fresh and high in nutrients and vitamins
  • Keep your feeding station and feeders up safe and away from the risk of predators