Chainsaw Maintenance

Power tools, especially petrol powered and especially chainsaws require regular maintenance both for safety reasons and to ensure a smooth running & long lasting tool. Chainsaws are put through a lot of hard work and whether you can using them daily or just every so often they should always get regular maintenance

First thing to do when maintaining a chainsaw is simply to look it over and view all sides inspecting for loose bolts, oil patches, excessive dust & dirt build up and any signs of damage. Clean away built up dirt and wipe clean areas of split oil. Investigate further where this oil is coming from
Choice of mix is always important to ensure a smooth running chainsaw

Most chainsaws take 50:1 mix. This means 50 parts petrol to 1 part two stroke oil. It is essential to add this oil and very important to ensure the ratio is 50:1
Chain lubrication is the next step. Chain oil should be applied before each days work and it is essential for a smooth running of the chain – the area of the tool that is doing all the work. When choosing a chain oil be sure to choose a genuine bar / chain oil, ideally with a viscosity of 150
Tighten the chainsaw’s chain. The chain needs to be tight to the sprocket and a simple test is to give the chain a gentle pull from the top and if there is anything more than 1mm give, then the chain will need to be tightened. For this you will need a chainsaw spanner or box spanner with screwdriver end

First loosen the bolts on the chainsaw body to take the slack off the chainsaw guide bar then using the screwdriver end turn the chain screw anti clockwise to tighten in the chain. Once tight you can then tighten the bolts on the guide bar
Test the safety devises next. The first is the dead man or chain break should prevent the chain from moving with it is in the back position. The next safety feature is the double switch on the chainsaw handle. Ensure that the upper switch will not engage unless the bottom switch is in the on position

Check & clean the filter. The filter can quickly develop a thick layer of dirt, if the filter is not cleaned then the air will not get into the chainsaw and this will lead to underperformance & over heating. If you can clean the filter with compressed air