Control Lawn Moss with a Hollow Tine Aerator

So long as the weather and ground is dry, April is the best month to do any of your badly needed lawn care chores. If your lawn is like 99% of the rest of us then you too have a problem with moss. The hollow tine aerator will begin the process that will help reduce the build up and growth of moss on your lawn.

As well as moss killer as a sulphate of iron and the use of rakes or scarifiers, the hollow tine aerator can be used on lawns to control moss. While moss killers and scarification will only halt the spread of moss temporarily, the hollow tine grows a step further in that it creates soil conditions in which moss doesn’t like to grow hence prevent the build up of moss into the future.

A hollow tine aerator is a tool that is inserted into, and lifted out of the soil. In doing so the aerator pulls out a ‘plug’ or a number of ‘plugs’ out of the soil which in turn improves soil air flow, drainage and oxygen levels. There are many different forms of Hollow tine aerators such as large mechanical ones, one fixed to the back of ride on lawn mowers and the more basic hand held one which works similar to a garden fork.

The benefit of the hollow tine is that  is improved the long term condition of your soil. Moss grows on damp soils. With the aerator you can improve drainage making the soil drier which will suit your grass. The aerator also improved oxygen levels in the soil which will also encourage better grass growth and root development. The conditions created by the hollow tine also suits many of our beneficial organisms and micro organisms which inhabit the soil and work endlessly to improve it and make it better.

If you want to remove moss from your lawn then i would recommend using the hollow tine aerator. But ideally it would be using in conjunction with a complete lawn care strategy which would include moss killer, lawn feed, scarification, aeration, topdress and re seed. Effective grass maintenance is important too. If your grass is stressed then moss will have a chance to out compete the lawn and re-establish therefore it is important that you manage your lawn to a high standard. It would include feeding, mowing watering when required. When mowing your lawn it is vital that you don’t cut it too short, that you cut in dry weather and that you mulch at least 4 times over the growing season. Lawns can be feed each spring with a nitrogen based feed, however never feed your lawn in late summer or thereafter.

If you can do this then you will in time beat moss and have a lawn that is lush and green and you will be the envy of your neighbors.