Dahlia – Plant Profile (Arabian Nights)

Dahlia Arabian Nights Shape & Size

Grow  Dahlia Tubers or plants and they will grow into full size plants with 5 years
Final Height: 70 – 100cm
Final Spread: 50 – 75cm

Spacing: 75cm
Growth: Moderate / Fast

Dahlias are grown for their big blooms in late Summer. There are a massive array of Dahlia Flowers available to growers with every possible colour on offer.

All Dahlias are tender plants are they need to be dug up in autumn, their roots cleaned, dried & stored indoors in a cool airy location – free from frost

As Dahlias grow they should be staked & supported to ensure that they remain upright

Dahlia ‘Arabian Nights’ is a very attractive Dahlia with Deep Red / Burgundy blooms which grow to approx. 15cm in diameter meaning these flowers will make a big impact in the garden borders.

Type: Herbaceous, Tender Perennial
Habit: Clump forming, Tall

Dahlia Features
Fragrant Dahlia
Foliage:  Green to Purple, Multi-branched with serrated edge

Dahlia Flowers

Dahlia Arabian Nights produces a mass of big spherical blooms
Deep red / burgundy in colour ‘Fully Double’

Dahlia Arabian Nights flowers from June to September

Size of Bloom: 15cm in Diameter


Dahlia Location
Uses: Happy in partial shade

Looks great everywhere. Best at the middle or back of borders. Can be planted en mass of big impact
Sometimes grown inside box parterres or can be used to form a low growing hedge
Suited to a Traditional style garden
Can be grown in pots or planters
Soil: Sandy, Free draining, low fertility
pH: Any pH
Hardiness: Hardy
Companion Plants: Box, Stipa gigantea, Heuchera purple palace, Santolina, Alchemilla Mollis, Stachys bizanthia