Garden Chimeneas

For an added focal point and feature in your garden the addition of a garden chimenea or fire pit cannot be beaten. The addition of a flame to a garden creates a whole new element and will encourage people to come and gather round and enjoy both the heat and comfort that they offer

The best place for a chimenea is on a small seating area or a patio outside the home. They need to be positioned a little bit away from any flammable object such as garden fence. Ideally they need to be close to a seating area to ensure best use and to ensure people folk to it and stay and enjoy the garden

A beer garden or party patio would not be complete without a chimenea or fire pit. If you are the stylish type and like a modern style garden then there is a chimenea for you. Now lots of modern style chimeneas are now be produced with sleek, clean lines and crisp powder coated finish

If you are the more traditional type, then you will know that chimeneas have been around for centuireis and if you can’t pick up an antique chimenea then you can still buy brand new traditional style chimeneas in garden centres and our online garden shop this summer

Another great feature is the addition of a fire grill that will add an extra use for your chimenea. So that while your chimenea can warm your quests it can also feed them. The result is a party piece that just keeps giving while looking pretty good at the same time

The addition of a fire to a garden will ensure that you get the best use out of the garden both during the day and long into the night. Fire and water are too features not coming found in gardens but are now proving a great way to increase the experience and impact a garden can make on you

See the images above for a range of ideas on how best to incorporate a chimenea into your garden. The modern and stylish La Triga Chimenea is a classy option that like stands out in a minimalist garden layout

The more rustic looking Lisbon chimeneas are ideal in a garden that’s a bit more rough around the edges and is informal in style

There is a range of clay chimeneas that would suit nicely into a Mediterranean style garden. Placed next to golden gravel, lavender and olive trees and of course, sitting in the basking sun, the clay chimenea will sit very nicely