Garden Furniture Will Complete a Garden

Once all the hard work of marking out beds, preparing soil and planting up your borders is complete; the time will come for you to sit back and enjoy your own gardening creation. This can only be possible with the purchase of some garden furniture, which will really finalise a garden and make it liveable.

Garden Furniture adds a human element to a garden, along with path and paving furniture is something that will be used again and again and will encourage people into your garden maximising all it has to offer.

If your considering to buy garden furniture, be it a garden bench or patio set you should first consider the context and surroundings in which it will sit. The furniture very own material should work with the materials and styles of the garden. The size and shape should sit well in its location not being too big or too small. The furniture should be practical and user friendly.

Garden Furniture can be made from so many different materials that there is a different style and type for every garden. Traditional timber ones will always be timeless and sit well in any garden. Victorian white iron furniture would suit a more herbaceous or cottager garden. Black wrought iron also has a traditional style and would suit a more natural and free flowing garden

On the more modern end of the scale there are many more sleek and stylish garden furniture seats, tables and benches. Materials including glass, stainless steel, plastics and timber are now used to create streamlined and neat furniture sets.

Even recycled materials from old timber pallets to copper pipes and re-bars are being refashioned into garden benches, each creating its own unique character and offering a focal point along garden paths.

As well as garden seating other garden features such as lighting, chimeneas, wind chimes, water features and BBQs will make your garden more user friendly and inviting. These days we try to spend as much time as possible outdoors and when the weather permits our garden should be ready to provide us with the space to relax, socialise and enjoy what nature has to offer.

Remember, if you want to add a seating area to your garden first decide what you will use it for, and when you will use it. This will determine the size and location of your seating area. If you want to sit out in the morning with a coffee and paper then a small patio in the morning sun (east facing) would be suitable

If you want to entertain groups of people then a larger patio with a large dinning table and additional seating positioned in the evening sun (west facing) would be recommended.