Garden Planter For a Winter Planting Scheme

If you want to add colour to your garden over the otherwise bleak winter months then why not consider adding some garden planters to your patio, front door or back yard. In the winter months there are still a lot of interesting and colourful plants around that can add a bit of cheer to the dreariest of days

Below is a list of suitable planting combinations for garden pots & planters over the winter

Ivy, Skimmia, Heathers all combine to create a typical winter themed garden planter. Chosen for their evergreen leaves which come with a variety of leaf colours and textures. The fine leaves of the ivy contrast with the large glossy leaves of the skimmia, while the heathers act to soften the look further. The Skimmia will add colour with red berries and the heathers will flower from January until March, while adding some bronze grasses such as a stipa or pennisetum would really finish the scheme nicely

Primrose & Cyclamen as bedding plants in planters is also a winner in winter. While these two plants can be lost when planted into the ground in garden beds and borders they offer far more impact when grouped together and place high up in a tall planter or hanging basket. Some good companion plants for primrose and cyclamen include ferns, aspleniums, hellebores and ornamental cabbage

Dogwood stems of deep red or yellow arising from the centre of a planter with low growing ground cover plants such as hebes and ceanothus can create a nice planter display. In frosty weather the structure and shape of the dogwood really stands out to give a striking effect

Juniperus & Thuja combine well together, these two conifers can create an impact in a pot as the spreading 7 spiky nature of the juniper contrasts nicely with the stately upright nature of a thuja cone. To add colour and more excitement to this planter you could include a creeping ivy and an array of winter flowering heathers

To create a Christmas themed garden planter then using the Juniper and the Thuja mentioned above you can also add large pine cones, Branches of holly with berries and a variegated ivy. Position a few well place barbells and you will have a very festive looking planter

Bergenia & Stacy’s byzantia
planted with buxus and skimmia japonica rubella offers a simple combination of colour, texture and evergreen structure. A planting scheme like this will suit any location as the bergenia colour range will allow you to customise the planting scheme to your liking