Get Your Garden Furniture Covers

There is nothing worse then the slow and steady decline of your favourite garden furniture. With the majority of garden furniture being made from timber such as ash, pine or oak – rotting can quickly set in with damp weather conditions.

There are a number of ways to protect your garden furniture from the harsh and testing weather conditions. One such way is to cover them with patio furniture covers. These covers are generally made from a woven polyethylene fabric, ranging in weights from 50 grams per square metre up to 100 grams per square metre. They can be found in a range of non-intrusive colours from green to black or grey

Mostly these materials have non-rot characteristics, are UV stabilized and are water proof meaning they will protect furniture from a range of weather conditions. These furniture covers now come in a wide array of shapes meaning that there is truly a cover for ever garden feature. From Lawn mower to bike or chiminea covers and of course all your tables and chairs and parasols can be covered and protected.

Be it rain, sleet, snow or sunshine you should cover your furniture with furniture covers to prolong their life. Other ways to prolong the life of timber furniture is to sand and varnish the timber every year. It can be done at the end of the summer and before putting your furniture away for the summer.

If you don’t have a garden shed or storage box you should cover your garden furniture and leave it in situ. Because of the neat look and subtle colours of the furniture covers they can look very well even when left out in the garden.

Some furniture covers can be zipped shut while other include drawstrings to allow for better securing and fastening of the covers. I find the bicycle covers to be of great use and it allows me to leave my bike out close to the back door – where I need it and where it  avoids the need to sort through my garage to get to it. Bicycles are also very prone to rusting and a rusty chain or gear can have serious effect on the performance of your bike.

Of course if you want to cover your bike it would be best to let your bike dry off before covering it up. While with BBQs, chimeneas or  fire pits, you must wait until they have cooled down fully before covering with your furniture cover.

These simple and low costs products are a great investment for any gardener as they save on hassle, time and effort while prolonging the life of your garden furniture, mowers and bikes.