Going Wild With Wild Bird Care Products

What really makes the garden stand out from the home is that a garden is teaming with life. Each individual garden is an ecosystem of its own and has an array of plant and animal species all co existing. This delicate relationship is heavily influenced by our own actions and making some small changes to how we garden can really impact on the wild life we find in our garden

Wildlife means more then just wild bird care, wildlife also refers to the busy workings of all the difference organisms the live in our soils, trees and in and around shrubs, long grass, hedgerows and ponds. The soil alone contain billions of micro organisms and thousands of worms and beetles  all of which are essential for keeping our garden working, breaking down organic material and feeding our larger mammals

Of course feeding our larger mammals is something that we humans can do too and this is one sure way to increase the activity in your garden. Wild bird care products such as bird peanuts, bird seeds, bird niger seeds, bird sunflower seeds, fat balls, suet feeds and meal worms can be used to attract wild birds into the garden.

Another way to increase wild bird care is to reduce the amount of chemicals that you use on your plants and in and around the garden. Making your garden chemical free involves choosing organic methods such as mulching, weed membranes, organic fertilizers, natural pest control methods and better management practices.

Wild bird care will in turn help to increase the variety and range of other wild species in the garden which will add an extra element to the garden with sights and sounds.

Other wild bird care products that you could consider using in the garden include: squirrel proof bird feeders – these handy feeders incorporate an inner bird feeder surrounded by an outer cage which allow only small birds access the feed while larger birds and squirrels are unable.

Another way to spot squirrels from eating your bird food is to sprinkle pepper on the bird food. Squirrels detest the stuff and will keep away while bird will continue to gobble the food up oblivious to its peppery taste.

Nesting boxes and bird houses are obliviously another great wild bird care product offering a home and safe place for birds to rest out of the reach of predators.

Other garden ornaments such as hanging bird tables, bird baths and feeding stations provide focal points in gardens while helping to attract more birds in.

Wild life is vital for the garden and the country as a whole. There has been much talk of late about the demise of our bubble bee and we are all beginning to realize how badly we need them.

If any part of our ecosystem is threatened it can have dire results for our entire landscape and even our way of life. So if we all make one change in our garden towards protecting our wild species then we would all be the better for it