What is the Golden Gark?

An unidentified gardening object has been seen in appearing in shops and garden centres across the land. It is of course the Golden Gark a new and cleverly designed multi use gardening tool. The Golden Gark is a combination of shovel, rake & shift tool. This makes the golden gark a handy all in one tool for tidying up and cleaning the garden

The name ‘Gark’ is a combination of the words Garden & Rake while the ‘golden’ is still a bit of a mystery as the tools comes in Red & Black! None the less, names aside this is a wonderful gardening tool that saves of time & back ache while giving top quality cleaning results. There are a number of features that makes this such a nice tool to use.

See a list of the Golden Garks specifications here:

  1. Multi use – This tools is multi-functional, it would primarily be used to rake up weeds, leaves, cuttings & garden debris into piles. Then simply turn over the handle and use it as a shovel or shift to scoop up and lift the waste into a barrow, bin or bag
  2. Ergonomic – Everything claims to be ergonomic these days, but the golden gark has really taken this to a new level. The shaft is intelligently designed to minimise any need to crouch or bend whilst raking or shovelling giving comfortable and pain free use.
  3. Sturdy design – The shaft is made from power coated aluminium, the head is made from a ‘space age’ polycarbonate material making is extremely strong yet flexible. This means the prongs won’t snap like other rakes are prone to doing. Also the flexible prongs glide along the ground and won’t bury into the soil.

Here are just some of the many uses that you can put the golden gark to:

  • Rake up and gather your weeds into neat pile. Then lift and scoop into barrows or bins
  • Sieve out good and fine soil leaving only weeds, stones, leaves and debris going into to bin. This saves your soil and ensure only light waste is being thrown away
  • Use it on your garden lawn to quickly & easily remove leaves from the grass surface without harming your soil Its also a pond scoop!
  • The shovel shape & large collecting head is ideal for sifting your pond and removing fallen leaves, algae and other rubbish for the water’s surface
  • The Golden Gark can also be used to pick up dog waste on lawns and around your garden, its quick and easy and avoids getting your hands dirty
  • In the winter months use to the Gark as a snow shovel. Simply shift and scoop up snow with little effort keeping paths and doorways free of snow