Growing With 9cm Plant Pots

Growing your own seeds is a brilliant way to start gardening and to get to learn more about plants and plants growing conditions. By growing your own seeds you can also save money while increasing your plant stock and ensure that you have a mass of flowers and vegetable over the coming year. 9cm plant pots are great size of plant pot as you can grow a wide range of vegetable and flowers seeds with them

The key to growing seeds is to care for them and manage them through their first critical weeks until the point that the seedlings are strong enough to compete with the elements and the weeds and really fight for themselves. It is in these weeks that a seedling will develop a strong root system and foliage and begin to explore the compost within the 9 cm pots for much needed nutrients
9cm pots are ideal for a number of reasons:

Root space: A plant pot of this size is ideal for young seedlings to develop a strong root system. If your plant pot is filled with a good potting mix of compost, perlite & nutrients then it would create the ideal conditions for root development. Depending on the seedling variety, the seedling will fill out a 9cm pot in approx. 3 months. This is indeed long enough for any seedling to develop and prepare itself for life out in the garden
Size: 9cm pots are very easy to handle, use, prepare and store. This is all because of their size. They do not waste any compost and it only takes seconds to fill and prepare each pot and there is minimal waste of compost, nutrients or water
Versatility: 9 cm pots can be used  to start seeds or they can be used when pricking out smaller seedlings to grow on. Ideally you would start faster and larger growing plants directly into 9cm pots. For example, peas, beans, chillies, tomatoes, pumpkins and lavender, marigolds, sweetpea and delphiniums can all be started in 9cm pots. While smaller seeds and slower growing plants such as Aubrieta, Foxgloves, Geraniums, Dicentra and lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower should be started on seed trays& then be pricked out and transplanted into 9cm pots where they will have further space to develop before finally being moved out into the garden. These plant pots are also a great size for propagating hardwood and softwood cuttings. The pots are very suitable for softwood cuttings as these are smaller, but the longer hardwood cuttings (i.e. 30cm in length would be better in large, 1 Litre plant pots)

Trays: 9cm pots can be bought in potting on trays which make storing and handling the pots even easier. 18 9cm plant pots can fit on one tray allowing for ease of carrying and turning the pots which is essential during the early stages of growth to ensure a strong and upright growth habit of the seedlings