Asiatic Lily Bulbs – Plant Profile

Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic Lily bulbs are a group of early flowering lilies. These perennials will bloom from late spring well into summer giving wonderful displays in your herbaceous borders. They come in a wide range of colours so there is an Asiatic Lily bulb for every type of planting scheme. These hardy lilies will come back year after year and require little care.

The difference between Oriental & Asiatic Lilies is that Asiatic are easier to grow. Oriental Lilies come from Japan and are a taller Lily than Asiatic Lilies. Asiatic Lilies are early flower but their flowers have little or no fragrance. Asiatic lilies are hardier and they divide easily

Asiatic Lilies Latin Name: Lilium Asiatica

Asiatic Lily Bulbs Shape & Size

  • Final Height:  90cm
  • Final Spread: 60cm
  • Growth: Moderate growth rate
  • Spacing: 20 – 30cm
  • Type: Herbaceous Perennial, meaning it come back every year
  • Bulb type: Tuber
  • Habit: Clump forming, with tall flowering stems

Asiatic Lily Bulbs Features

Reach approx., 3 foot in height, Asiatic lilies are happy in most soils & will tolerant some shade but they tend to lean towards the sunlight so for this reason it is recommended to position your lilies in a sunny spot
Foliage: Long & slender leaves which are light green & glossy

Asiatic Lilies Flowers

The flowers in this family of plants can vary greatly in shape and come in many colours from vibrant pinks & orange to soft pastel colours

Asiatic Lilies Location

Uses: These reliable plants are ideal for any garden, large or small. They are best in a sunny spot as they like at least 6 hours of sun every day. Morning sun is great for lilies so choose an east or south east facing site is you want to get the best out of your bulbs
Soil: If you have sandy or heavy clay soils they you should add some well-rotted farm yard manure.
Hardiness:  Fully hardy
Companion Plants:

Asiatic Lilies Care

Ideally you should plant your bulbs as soon as they arrive, the best planting time for lilies is in March once the ground has warmed up. Plant your bulbs 10 to 15cm deep with the pointed end pointing upwards. Water in well and ensure  the bulbs never dry out as lilies require about 1” of water every week. Feed with a phosphorous based feed and mulch up around the base of plants to protect them & keep weeds away. In late summer you should support the plants with flower sticks, then when the flower stalks die back you can cut away  the stems to ground level & mark the spot with a plant label