Nerine Bowdenii – Plant Profile

Also Known As the Cornish Lily


Nerine Shape & Size
Final Height: 10 – 50 cm
Final Spread: 30 – 50cm
Growth Rate: Moderate growth rate
Takes about 2 to 5 years to reach maturity
Type: Herbaceous Perennial – Comes back every year. No woody stem
Habit: Nerine Bulbs develop into Clump forming tufts of foliage develop tall flowering stems
Tall stems rise above a clump of bold foliage. Single ‘Daisy like’ flowers develop on stem

Nerine Features
Foliage: Grass Like. Herbaceous leaves die down in winter
Colour: light green during spring summer & autumn.
Shape: Long, strap-like leafs form tufts of growth
Nerine Flowers
Tall leafless stems develop form centre
Reach a height of approx. 50cm
Pink in Colour
Blooming from Late Summer into Autumn
Trumpet shaped with 6 ruffled petals

Nerine Location
Uses: Suited to growing in pots and containers. Grow with other herbaceous flowering plants
Aspect: Full sun. Needs 4 hours of sunlight each day
Happy in exposed and windy sites
Soil: Moist but Well drained soil that is good and fertile
pH: Any pH: Alkaline to Acidic
Hardiness: Hardy up to -15 degrees
Companion plants: late flowering herbaceous plants such as Echinacea, Agapanthus, Rudbeckia, Heleniums, Verbena, Dahlia & Mondara. Also looks great with Phormiums & grasses

Nerine Information
Nerines are a great addition to any garden for their vibrant pink blooms in late summer. They are a good reliable plant that will bloom over many years. After 4 years the plants will be fully formed and give a dense clump with tall trumpet flowers