Netting Frame For Pest Control

Gardens are constantly under attack from various pests. This is the nature of both vegetable and ornamental gardens. The control of pests comes under a number of options and for the sake of the environment and your garden it is best to avoid the use of chemicals and instead choose a barrier control in the form of a netting frame


A netting frame is a structure which would elevate and secure garden netting above plants and crops and provide a solid barrier through which pests cannot travel. This barrier means that your crops and plants remain protected while your garden insects escape with their lives.

There are many benefits to not killing garden pests. The preservation of nature’s flora and fauna is a responsibility of us gardeners and avoiding chemical use where possible is the first step in that battle. By not killing pests we are also ensuring the safety of many beneficial insects and also maintaining a healthy balance on pests & insects in the garden which is important in avoiding invasive and endangered species.

There are many ways to build a netting frame. Or you can buy them online from our website; thegardenshop. When buying a frame the first consideration is its size. Most vegetable plots would need a frame and these plots are usually divided into rows and sections. Choose a netting frame that will fit over a row or section. A good size of frame would be 1500 x 6000mm as this is a standard plot section size

Netting frames can be build out of any number of materials from lightweight bamboo canes to bulky scaffolding poles or drain pipes. The key is to find suitable and secure joiners or corner pieces to connect the parts of the frame together. When using bamboo canes you can use either FIGO cane connectors or Canemates. These are designed to join bamboo canes together to create a whole range of netting frames & support frames.

Because bamboo is so light yet strong, it is ideal for netting frames. On the garden shop we sell all you will need to make a support frame:

  • Bamboo canes in lengths of 5ft (1500mm)
  • Garden Netting in both fine mesh and 20mm sizes
  • FIGO Frame connectors
  • Ground pegs or tent pegs

With the individual parts you can custom design your own netting frame support. We also sell netting frame kits in the following sizes:

H x W x D: 750 x 3000 x 1500mm (netting 4.1m x 2.6m)

H x W x D: 750 x 1500 x 900mm (netting 2.7m x 2m)