Patio Cleaner Spring Clean

Patio Cleaners are a simple and safe way to remove algae and green mould from all stone features in gardens. Each spring, after the cold damp winter months have passed the garden generally looks the worst from wears and one of the ways to brighten up your garden is to revitalise your paths, paving, patio and drives. There are many patio cleaners on the market and to ensure you are getting the best deal you should check the label to see the area that each bottle will cover.

A purpose made patio cleaner will offer an effective and safe solution to cleaning old and worn stone. These cleaners are better than using household detergents as they are designed for outdoor use and for use around plants and lawns. That means that outdoor patio cleaners wont harm your lawn or plants if they spill or seep into flower beds


One of the better patio cleaners on the market is the Super Strength Patio Cleaner from Doff. This cleaner is effecient, ecnomical, safe on lawns & plants & easy to use. A 2.5 Litre bottle will clean approx. 250m2 of stone or paving or cement. The product is simple to dilute & apply and it will continue to give cleaning results for 12 months.

That means your paths will stay clean and mould free. This will not only look better but it will ensure your paths are safer too as the build up of mould, moss, algae & slim can be quite slippy & dangerous when wet

Better still there is little or no work or scrubbing required with the Doff Super Strength Patio Cleaner. Just dilute in water – 500 ml to 4.5 litres of water and apply to the patio using knapsack sprayer or watering can. Then allow it to soak in and do its work. Within an hour the detergent will have done its work and all you need to do is brush away the dirty water, rinse, brush away the rinsed water and rinse again. Job done and you have a lovely clean patio again that will look great and stay clean all year round

Moss on hardsurfacings is a common problem with our dull & damp weather. Most patio cleaners will also kill moss but a lot of brushing & scrubbing is needed if you want to remove the moss afterwards. This is because even dead moss will stick to paving. It is important to remove dead moss after killing it with patio cleaner as the dead moss will both harbour new moss spores and will hold essential water for new moss to absorb and germinate from

The Garden shop sells a wide range of patio cleaners including Doff Super Strength Cleaner, Bayer Garden Patio Cleaner as well as a range of Jeyes Fluid Cleaners