Plant Profile – Echinacea Purpurea

Echinacea Purpurea

Aka Cone Flower, Purple Cone Flower


Echinacea Shape & Size
Final Height: 100 m- 150cm
Final Spread: 30cm – 50cm
Growth Rate: Moderate / fast
Can Reach final size within 3 years  – When planted from Echinacea Roots
Type: Herbaceous Perennial – No woody stem, dies down in Winter, comes back every year
Habit: Tall stems rise above a clump of bold foliage. Single ‘Daisy like’ flowers develop on stem

Echinacea Features
Foliage: Deciduous & Herbaceous
Colour: light green during spring summer & autumn.
New foliage appears the following spring
Shape: Oblong, 7 -10cm in length. Hairy

Echinacea Flowers
Large centre can be up to 5cm in diameter. Brown in Colour
Up to 20 petals extend out from the center.
Colour: Ranges from vibrant purple to pale purple & pink
Time: June – August

Echinacea Location
Uses: Suitable in herbaceous borders. Given the height they should be positioned towards the back of the borders. Aspect: Full Sun /
Soil: Well drained soil, good fertility
pH: Any pH: Alkaline to Acidic
Hardiness: Hardy to Half Hardy
Companion plants: Agapanthus, Rudbeckia, Heleniums, Verbena, Dahlia & Mondara. Under plant with Grasses, Lavender or sage

Echinacea Information
The cone flower is a very popular choice and found commonly in designs at the Chelsea flower show. Echinacea purpurea is very popular because of the brilliant contrast between the pink foliage and brown centre. How ever they come a wide variety of other colours from yellow to white.
Echinacea is also used as a herbal remedy and is thought to cure colds, headaches, yeast infections amongst others