Plant Profile: Fagus Sylvatica (Green Beech)

Fagus Sylvatica

Common Names: Green Beech, Common Beech, Beech Hedging

Beech Shape & Size:

Final Height: 2500cm (varies greatly with environment)
Final Spread: 1500cm
Growth Rate:  Moderate
Type: Stately Tree / Formal Hedge
Habit: Broad Spreading Tree


Beech Features

Foliage: Semi evergreen, develop out of narrow pointed winter buds
Colour: Light green in spring, turning deeper in summer. In autumn leaves turn brown & fall
Shape: Elliptic / Ovate with undulating margins & clear venation

Flower: Insignificant
Colour: Cream
Time: Spring

Beech  Location

Uses: Can be grown to form tall, formal Beech hedging or grow on its own to form a large specimen tree
Aspect: Full Sun / Partial Shade / Shade
Soil: Well Drained / Light & Clay Soils
pH: Alkaline
Hardiness: Fully Hardy
Companion plants: Woodland planting or for hedging mix with Irish Natives or Copper Beech

Beech Plant Information

Beech is a common woodland tree in Ireland. These deciduous forest trees are a great habitat for a wide range of insects & mammals and for that reason is a excellent choice of tree for increasing bio diversity in the garden. Beech, although a common tree in Ireland is in fact not native but naturalised.

Beech can be grown as a hedging and it might seem hard to believe, but the same plant that can grow to become a 20M tall tree, is the exact same plant that can be maintained to a height of 2m or spread of 1m.

If you want to grow your own Beech hedging then We would recommend that you buy your plants as bare roots in autumn. Plant 3 plants per metre and trim every year to ensure and neat and informal look