Potatoes & Why We Love Them

The humble spud is back! Spuds have fought their way back onto our dinner plates after years of misleading data about the nutritional value. Once it was said that potatoes were fattening, full of useless starch & high in cholesterol. But scientists have been busy disproving this misinformation and gone a step further and found that the potato has an endless array of nutritional benefits, as well of course as tasting great! Below is an outline of all of the many benefits of the potato

  1. Rich in Magnesium – Good for your bones
  2. Rich in Potassium – essential to keep you healthy & fight blood pressure, stress & kidney disease
  3. High in Vitamin B –  Essential for healthy blood
  4. High in Vitamin C – One medium sized potato has over 50% of your daily needs
  5. High in Fibre – this is certainly the case when the skins of the potato are left on
  6. Low in Cholesterol – So low its almost 0%
  7. Very low in fat – A standard, medium sized potato contains about 0.2grams of fat. So this makes the spud a suitable replacement to pasta when on diets

Its not like we need all these great reasons to eat potatoes, but the list just goes on. While we all fight to stay healthy & reduce salt, fat & sugar intake – by eating potatoes we can help to counter the harm we are doing while reducing these more damaging foods. Potatoes can regulate blood pressure, prevent cancer & heart disease, boost enzymes, strengthen our bones & they even go well with bacon & cabbage!

Growing your own seed potatoes is now easier than ever. You don’t need huge plots of land, and you can now choose from a huge range of varieties to find the best potato for your own growing conditions. A handy potato grow bag is a quick & easy way to grow potatoes in a confined space. With one grow bag you can achieve a yield of about 15:1, this means that for every potato you sow you can get 15 at time of harvest. Grow bags will take 2 to 3 potatoes, therefore a yield of 30 to 45 potatoes per bag! – That should get you through the week