Reflective Dog Collar For The Winter Months

By the middle of November the days can so short that finding time to walk the dog can be very difficult. I find that an early morning walk is the only way to to give my dog enough exercise to see him through the day. But with the sun rising no earlier than 7am even these walks have to be cut short to ensure im not too late for work. I can only say thank god for my dogs reflective collar & lead. Without these two simple items my dog and I would not be able to walk safely along the roads in the early morning

It is amazing now much difference and security a reflective dog collar & lead can make when out walking in hours of darkness. Both you can your dog can focus on more leisurely pursuits safe in the knowledge that  you are both clearly visible. With this in mind a dog collar can allow you to extend your walks into the late afternoon or if you are able you can start your walks well before 7 in the morning and so ensure that your dog gets all the exercise he needs.

I find that a morning walk is the best time for my dog too as he can stretch and run about for about 30 minutes before going back home for breakfast. This leaves me in a content mood for the day until we all return home from work where he is again spoilt and played with to keep him occupied and active

While a reflective dog collar goes a long way to make you both more visible, it is hard to beat a hi vis jacket to ensure a good glow when a car is approaching. These days you can get a hi vis jacket not only for yourself but also for your dog too. These make for great accessories so long as you can convince your dog to wear one!

Another great advantage of the reflective collar is that when you let your dog off the lead in the dark he will be easier to spot if you have a torch light. Some dog walkers like to put flashing lights on their dogs but I find these to be cumbersome and can irritate my dog. A reflective collar is, to my dog, like any other collar and doesn’t annoy or distract

When walking your dog on roads always use a lead and walk on the same side of the road as the oncoming traffic. This ensures that you will see an oncoming car and allows time to ensure your dog is safely in off the road.