Stay Warm With Welly Socks

With the warm summer weather behind us, it can take an extra bit of encouragement to get ourselves out into the garden. The dark and chilly mornings are more akin to having a sleep in than rummaging around in the garden. But there is no thing that can overcome the worst of cold weather and that is to dress sensibly. Warm clothing and warm  welly socks can all the difference between staying in bed and staying warm in the garden

Wellies are an essential part of a gardeners attire but while they perform well at keeping your feet dry they certainly fail at keeping toes and feet warm. The welly sock (also known as the boot sock, boot warner or welly sock) certainly solves this problem

The best thing of all about the welly sock is that it can be taken out of the boot and left to dry and then warm over a fire or radiator so that come 7 am and your slipping out of bed you can quickly slip on the wellie warmers to give your feet some needed TLC. Then this warmth can stay with you as you beaver away in the garden.

Welly socks come in a range of colours and brands. A great brand is the Hunter boot sock and give the most comfort, style and warmth. But an array of other manufacturer also offer similar socks which are equally effective at providing much needed warmth.

If you have bad blood circulation then again I would highly recommend using welly socks. The boot socks fit snuggly inside the boot rather than tightly around your foot, this means that while you can stay warm you are not going to distrust blood flow. So no more numb toes

Our younger gardeners will also like the welly sock. Gone is the days of boot being too big and clumsy, with the children’s boot sock kids will find their boot too be more comfortable and snug than before. Also unlike normal socks which always seem to end up at the bottom our your boot within 5 paces, the boot sock fits neatly around the top of the boot.

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