SuperNemos Pest Control

SuperNemos  is the future of pest control for many reasons. This biological pest control method is safe for both the environment & pets while being extremely effective in controlling a range of common and destructive garden pests

SuperNemos is growing in popularity with nurseries and gardeners because of the continued positive results that it brings. You can use SuperNemos to control the following pests.

  • Vine Weevil – Grubs feed on roots of ornamental plants, beetles feed on foliage
  • Scairid Fly – Common pest in greenhouses & polytunnels
  • Strawberry Root Weevil
  • Chafer Grub – Effects lawns, tearing up lawns
  • Leatherjackets – Damage to lawns & eating roots on vegetable patches
  • Wire Worms – Common pest of potato crops
  • Cutworms – Caterpillars which feed on young seedlings & plants. Chewing away at stems near ground level
  • Cabbage Worms – Pest of cabbage & all brassicas

SuperNemos is a nematode, Each pack contains approx. 20 million microscopic worms which actively seek out those harmful pests mentioned above. The product can be applied to flowering plants, vegetable plots, lawn areas and any edible crops as they are perfectly safe. The worms will populate your garden soil and while it kills harmful insects, it will not harm beneficial insects in including honey bees, hoverflies, lacewings & pollinating insects.

How to Apply SuperNemos

  • You can purchase this product online from the garden shop from March to September each year. This is the only time of year to apply the nematodes. If you are unable to use this product immediately, then you should store the worms in a fridge. They must be kept cool and in the dark at all times
  • Avoid applying the worms in sunny conditions, we suggest only doing this at dusk to ensure you do not harm the nematodes
  • Start by adding the powder mixture (of nematodes) to a large bucket, Then pour in 6 Litres of water and allow to sit for 30 minutes
  • Next, add 1 litre of the mixture to a 10 Litre watering can and top up the watering can with 9 litres of water
  • This diluted mix can now be applied to the area that you wish to treat
  • Apply at a rate of 1 Litre of diluted mix to 1 square metre of soil moving at a steady pace. Once applied, water in and avoid using any chemicals such as fertilisers, fungicides or weed killers for a week before and a week after application

Other Important Factors

  • Soil temp must be above 10 degrees Celsius
  • If conditions are dry, water area a day before application
  • Always avoid applying SuperNemos in sunny conditions as the sunlight will kill the worms
  • SuperNemos can be applied with a watering can & no training or certification is required