The Wonders of PVC Mesh Fencing

When I first bought a roll of PVC Mesh it was to fix my every rampant clematis to the garden wall. But since that faithful day the list of usage that I has since put this product to are endless and no doubt the list will continue to grow.

As a plant support (which is what the mesh was designed to do) is it very effective from a number of reasons. Firstly, the mesh is flexible so it easy to fix to a garden wall, around the post of a timber pergola or even draped over the top of an arch or pergola. Secondly the PVC mesh fencing is ideal for all sorts of climbers to wrap themselves around and cling to the material. The Hexagonal spacing’s are great for branches large and small.

But this is only the beginning of the life for our PVC Mesh. Given that these products are PVC coated they literally last for years and once your tired of your clematis you can chop it down and put the mesh to other uses.

The next use for the PVC mesh is as fencing. Rolls of mesh can come in any length up to 50M and generally come in heights of 1M. So while you may not be able to build the tallest of fences you can still use it to fence off areas such as chicken coups, rabbit hutches, and other animal enclosures. If however you have a dog, unless it is a small breed a 1m high fence would not be sufficient. Also if you want to protect planted areas such as young forest plants from rabbits and hares be sure that you bury the PVC mesh under the soil with the end curving outwards. This will discourage these animals from burying under the fence.

If you want to build a low fence with PVC mesh then I suggest using 4ft or 5ft timber posts. Square posts can make for a neater finish. If your fence is going to be quite long then you can run a high tensile wire through the top of the fence. This will prevent the fence from hanging. Posts should be spaced 2.5 to 3 meters apart while larger 4inch corner posts should be used for additional support.

Next job for my PVC mesh was on the lawn where I sometimes reverse my trailer on to. Over time the lawn has suffered from the excessive traffic. The mesh can be used in this instance to provide support and a track for vehicles while minimizing impact to the lawn. Simply roll out the mesh over the effected grass area pulling it tightly to ensure the mesh in flat and tense. Using Hook pegs secure the mesh to the ground. In time your grass will grow through the mesh and the mesh will act as a protection for the grass as it spreads the weight of your vehicle over a larger area.

What’s that you say? Still not finished! No! There is more.

The Pvc Mesh can be used to protect more than just your lawn. A common problem for young trees is getting hit from strimmers and lawn mowers which can easily kill a young tree but more often scars it, leaving it destined for a life of slow growth and poor health.

Using the mesh as a barrier around young trees can prevent this and will allow the busy gardener to fly around the garden on his ride on safe in the knowledge that his trees are protected.