How to Use Sulphate of Iron

Moss control is serious business in during March & April. Sulphate of iron is the number one way of killing off moss on your lawns and giving your grass the room to breathe and grow. Using Sulphate of Iron is mostly straight forward and people should not worry much about over applying or causing damage to their lawns. If you use the correct amount and even if you over apply on your lawns you are unlikely to cause any severe damage

Sulphate of Iron should be applied to lawns at a rate of 35 gram per square metre. This is roughly one small handful. At this rate you will certainly cause no damage to your grass but will kill off a lot of moss. On extremely bad lawns, which is a common enough sight you can double this application rate. The result will be that you will kill off a lot of the moss and may slight burn the tips of your grass but your grass will quickly recover from this. Sulphate of Iron is applied in the spring because this is the best time for your lawn to recover from all sorts of treatment

So, you should not fear using sulphate of iron on your grass. More care however is needed around hard surfaces and to protect yourself. This product will burn and stain paths, concrete, tarmac and paving if a heavy dose spills on it. You should never use sulphate of Iron around paths, drive or patios. And care should be taken when treating the edge of your lawn. However, if a small amount of the product blows onto paving then a quick sweep will prevent any lasting damage

Sulphate of Iron is a very fine powder and it is generally spread in its powder form. You can spread it using a broadcast spreader which is recommended as it gives an even and steady application. Broadcast spreaders also ensure that the iron does not blow onto paving or worse again right into your face.

If you choose to spread the product by hand you should do so on a clam day and become familiar with the direct of wind. Avoid spreading Sulphate of Iron into the wind and wear protective gloves and a dust mask at all times

As mentioned the application rate is between 35 and 70 grams per metre squared. If you are going to apply the product then you should familiarise yourself with both the weight and area:

  • Measure out 30 or 70 grams of the powder in a weighing scales.
  • Mark out your lawns into 1 metre wide strips using garden line

Once you become familiar with these two sizes you will become more efficient at applying the material, but it is worth taking the time to get it right. This same method can be used for applying lawn feed and weed killer