Vegetable Starter Kits

You can make your own or choose from the selection available online at Ireland’s Online Garden Store: The Garden Shop. Whatever you choose, choose to grow with a vegetable starter kit as they provide all you need to ensure good seed and seedling growth. We have a range of vegetable starter kits available but what is included in all our kits are the following items:

  1. Seed Trays
  2. Base Tray
  3. Seed Tray Lids
  4. Capillary Matting

These items combine to offer the complete seed growing package. And for once your seedlings have developed we also offer the raised vegetable garden growing kits. But more about the growing kits.

Our 24 cell seed trays are great for starting your vegetables. They are best used from mid February indoors to start seeds including tomato, cucumber, courgette, aubergine, sweet corn, chillies and peppers. These vegetables can be cared for indoors in your kitchen or heated greenhouse until weather conditions outside improve.

The Base tray is a great addition to any growing kit for many reasons. The tray will:

  • Hold your seed trays in place
  • Allow you to water your seed trays from beneath
  • Allow you to turn, rotate and positi0n your trays as you require

Of course no vegetable starter kit would be complete without a tray lid. These tray lids convert your seed tray into a propagation kit. And at the garden shop we offer great deals and prices on these growing kits and propagation kits. The lids, once played over your vegetables will retain heat, moisture and humidity meaning:

  • You will need to water less often
  • Your seeds and soil will be warmer and hence speed up growth rate
  • Your soil temperature will be about 4 degrees warmer
  • Your seedlings will be protected from the frost

Every gardener wants to reduce the maintenance and hands on nature of their garden. With the capillary matting you can do just that. The capillary mat acts as a self-watering system where by the mat will suck up water up for the base tray reservoir and dispense it evenly over the matting surface. Once the seed trays are in contact with the capillary matting the water will then continue its journey up into the seed tray’s compost. And all this can happen without the need for daily watering or care of your plants.

While some vegetable starter kits don’t include compost, others do and some include the very useful growing pellets. These growing pellets are compacted blocks of compost and coir that expand in warm water to form a light and airy compost. Simply add this compost to your seed trays and sow your seed. With the growing kits everything else is taken care of. Just water and feed and wait until seedlings are mature enough to plant out.