Weed Killer – Safe Disposal in Ireland

We are all aware of the hazardous nature of weed killer, pesticides and other garden chemicals.  EU regulations tries to keep up with research into the harmful effects of certain chemicals and introduce new legislation & bans on certain chemicals to ensure that garden & horticultural practices are carried out in the safest possible way.

As gardeners we are all very aware of the importance of our environment, our soil & our bio-diverse ecosystems. While awareness of the harmful effects of chemicals grow, so does our understanding of how to protect our environment while continuing to get the benefits from these approved chemicals

To ensure safe use of weed killer there are a number of steps that the end user must now take. Firstly, under EU legislation as of November 2015, all users of knapsack & boom sprayers must register for certification of safe use. Those who wish to apply & sell weed killers must now complete the relevant training to ensure that they are competent in the application, storage & disposal of these chemicals

When you choose to use a weed killer you should first do the appropriate research into the type of chemical & type of application required for safe but effective results. Knowing what to use and how much to use is very important as over application is both expensive and harmful to soils & waterways. If you are unsure of what weed killer to use, why not contact The Garden Shop and an expert will be on hand to offer you any advice

The containers & labeling on weed killer bottles is also required to outline the safe use & disposal practices and we can offer some simple tips

  • Never buy more than you need – buy enough weed killer for just one year at a time to avoid need to store or dispose of excess chemical
  • Always read the label – The label will outline safe practice & application procedure
  • Always use the original bottle that the weed killer came in
  • Chemicals should be stored in a cool & dry location that is away from direct sunlight & frost
  • Keep all garden chemicals away from pets & children

Disposal of Weed Killers

Garden Weed killers are considered hazardous waste; these are fluids that are considered to pose a threat the health of both the environment & the public. This means that serious / careful consideration & planning must be given to the disposal of these chemicals and their empty containers after use

Where is it safe to dispose of weed killer bottles?

All hazardous items can be brought the the following locations for safe disposal

  • Local recycling centres
  • Incinerators
  • Hazardous waste landfills