Wellington Boots – Care

Tried & trusted wellington boots are in many ways a prized possession among gardeners as they are the first thing we turn to before heading out to the garden. A good pair of well looked after wellies can be the difference between a long enjoyable day of work & a cold, wet miserable experience

For many years the humble welly has served the gardener well and now we want to return the favour by outlining everything that you can do to keep your wellington boots in tip-top condition, ensuring both you and your feet are well looked after for years to come

First Things First

Taking off your wellington boots – Too often it is a case of finish work and fling off the boots, leaving them where they land until they are next required. Of course this treatment will mean a shorter life for your footwear. Avoid stepping on your boots when removing them. You should always use a welly remover wedge to remove your boots. This will ensure that your boot does not get stretched out of shape

Cleaning Your Wellingtons

Wellies are the one thing that stand between you and a mucky wet field. This undoubtedly means that when you do remove your wellies after a days work they are in need of some TLC.

It is essential that boots are not put away wet on the inside or outside. So, the least we should do is to wipe down the boots with an old cloth to remove excessive dirt & all moisture on the boots. If the inner lining of the boots are wet, then the boots should be stored in a dry, airy place until the insides have dried out. If you have any moisture absorbing sachets you can always place a few inside the boots to speed up the drying process. Keep your boots out of direct sunlight & away from radiators

Every so often a more thorough cleaning will be necessary and so this you should again start by removing the excess dirt with an old cloth and then use cold, soapy water to clean down your boots. Pat gently on the exterior of the boot to clean off any remaining dirt. Avoid using strong detergents when cleaning

This cleaning should be undertaken every 3 to 4 weeks – depending on the level of use your wellington boots get


Boots should be stored in a cool, dry place. Avoid leaving your boots in storage boxes or garden sheds over winter where they may be exposed to severe freezing conditions. If you do leave boots in a shed, then you should cover and wrap them in fleece to protect them