Wolf Garden Tools – Why We Love Them!

The Wolf Garten range of multi change tools at first seemed like a gimmick and in gardening gimmicks never last long. Wolf Garten tools have been around since  1958 when wolf introduced their first garden tool  and the very first electric lawn mower in Europe. Since then wolf garden as developed its garden tool range to include a variety of hand tools, pruning tools and of course their signature ‘multi-change’ range


Really wolf garden are and were inventors, but inventors with a passion for quality and quality garden tools. They have therefore created a host of garden tools that work and work well. Review of their product range can be found also the internet and are for the mostly part, glowing. They certainly do not make gimmicks – the wolf garden tool range of tools are built to work & built to last
The wolf tradition for tool manufacturing involves a strong emphasis on research and development which allows wolf to consider every step of the construction & use of their tools when designing and creating concepts. This emphasis on research stem back to their very first garden tool manufactured by Wolf Garten. This tool was a draw hoe and the inspiration for this tool came from developer, Gregor Wolf who would watch farmers at work in the fields
The simply philosophy behind the wolf tools was and still is to make agricultural work easier. As the wolf garden tools have been designed and built with agricultural practice in mind that strength & quality that has gone into the tools is second to none. These tools are built to last and built to work hard to perform their desired tasks
Over the many years to concept & design the range of garden tools has expanded, now some of the tools include the like of; the Grubber – this is a handy tool for loosen soil & breaking up clods of soil in flower beds, vegetable patches & in and around shrubs. There is also the lawn edge trimmer – this is another well designed & practical tool that takes the hard work out of edging grass verges. Then there is the soil miller – This is a completely unique product to Wolf Garten and it incorporates the cultivation & hoe tool into one easy to use hand held device
The multi change concept now means that you only need to invest in one quality handle that suits your own height and then purchase which ever of the ends takes your fancy. The tools are easy to click on and off and the multi change system makes storing tools that bit easier.