Wolf Multi Change Garden Tools

People say ‘they don’t make garden tools like they used to’. Well, that is true, but with the wolf range of multi change tools that is true, because now they make even better tools than they used to. The wolf tools are a range of sturdy, practical and reliable tools for gardeners to use throughout the garden

The German company has been manufacturing their range of multi change tools to the highest of standards meaning that when you buy a tool you can have it for many years. If you take good care of it, these wolf tools should last you a life time
The every growing range of wolf multi change tool handles & heads means that there is a tool for every gardening task. There is a range of digging & weeding tools that includes all sorts of garden hoe heads including the swoe hoe, dutch hoe, swan hoe & more
All the tools in the range have received great reviews from customers in Ireland and the popularity of the range is growing year on year
There is also a range of more obscure tool heads in the range and these include the seed sower, the soil miller and the ridger. These are task specific tools and the great thing about these multi change tools, is that these tools do their job perfectly well
Another great feature of the multi change wolf range is that there is a huge selection of handles to suit your own height and to suit the variety of different garden tasks. The size of handle range from the mini 15cm long handle all the way up to the telescopic 3m handle. Of course every multi change head fits every multi change handle.
In the past, gardeners would rely mainly of heavy to lift solid metal head tools. But these days, with advances in manufacturing garden tools are getting lighter but also getting stronger and stronger.
The extra harder steel heads with chrome plated finished not only look great but are also light weight and extremely solid. So you can put your tools through all the hardship of a serious days works safe in the knowledge that your tool won’t let you down
Because of the multi change system, storing and carrying your tools is made simple & quick – Just buy the one handle that you need and then keep adding all the wide range of heads to suit your gardening needs
The one flaw of the wolf multi tool range is that they don’t offer any of the heavy hitting tools such as the fork, spades or shovels and they also don’t have the hammer or pick axes that are still an essential tool for every gardener. For these tools you will still have to rely on the old favourite, solid socket, forged steel and ash handle tools