Your Own ‘Mini Aviva’ With a Lawn Roller

Whether you love football, Rugby or gardening having the perfect lawn is something that we all aspire to. For bragging rights with your neighbors or just to sit back and admire your green oasis having the right lawn care tools will help you on your mission. From Ride-ons to rollers there is a tool for every aspect of lawn care

Good grass is all about good soil, and before you can dream about lush lawns or Augusta style greens you will need to get your soil right. Therefore for any home builder or home buyer; ensure that you groundwork’s contractor leaves you will a draining subsoil sitting beneath at least 6 to 9inches of loam topsoil. 6 to 9 inches is the minimum depth for a good lawn. Once your soil is in place you can then concern yourself with the more ‘do-able’ lawn care tasks such as cutting, rolling, aerating, scarifying and feeding.

A lawn roller is used at the preparation phase and for continuous maintenance of lawns. They are essential in achieving a flat and ‘hump’ free lawn. However your lawn will not be level unless you take the time to rake it and remove large and small stones before rolling it.

The Lawn roller and all soil preparation should only be done in dry conditions and it is only after rolling, seeding and lightly raking that you would want to see the skies open.

Once your lawn has been sown and has settled in you can begin to mow it and roll it. At this point the lawn roller is used to remove any new humps and dumps that have appear since the lawn was sown. This is likely to occur as some stones rise to the surface or due to foot traffic on bare soil and in wet conditions.

But the garden roller can really make something of your lawn when you use it on an established lawn to create a striped effect to the grass. Similar to what you see on sports pitches, the roller is brought up and down the grass in long even stripes, as the roller rolls over the turf it pushes the grass in a particular direction. By going back and forth over your lawn you can push the grass in different directions given a striped effect across your lawn.

The better you can with the roller, the more intricate the details you can create on the lawn.