A Chiminea Can Add A Touch Of Comfort To Summer Evenings

The Garden Chiminea is a great way to get the most out of a long summer’s evening. With our unpredictable weather we are ready at the drop of a hat to get out and get sunbathing. Having a garden chiminea is a great excuse to sit out and enjoy these fleeting days well into the wee hours of the morning.

Midsummer brings with it a flurry of disposal BBQs being sold  in supermarkets across the country with the result that many a half cooked burger is devoured by a sunburnt Irish man or woman. But as good as the BBQ is, there is still nothing better than staring into the flames of a wood burning fire with the stars shining down above.

There are a huge range of chimineas available online and in stores to give the costumers the choice and style that suits them. For the Mediterranean style garden the clay chimineas sit very well. These earthy looking stoves come with a range of details and patterns which add to their character and they sit very well on travertine paving or even clay flags.

For the modern style garden there are now many very stylish garden fire pits, baskets and stoves. Minimalist style fire pits with stone fireplaces and glass protective covers have been designed by La Hacienda. These refined and streamlined fire pits would loook great on a patio of granite or slate.

The more familiar cast iron chiminea is certainly a timeless classic and is suited to all gardens. If you intend on getting a chiminea then take the time to consider the style and size for you. The smaller stoves are ideal for small patios and for secluded seating areas. While the larger ones are better for more open spaces and for large gatherings of people. With the larger chiminea, the chimney itself is much taller meaning the smoke produced will generally pass up above your guests without covering everyone in soot and coal.

One word of advice would be to get a cover for your stove. Rain is never far away and if you want to keep your chiminea in tip top condition, you’ll need to keep it out of the wet. As many can be heavy given that they are made out of cast iron, dragging them in and out of the garden shed may not be an option. With a chiminea cover you can simply run outside, whip off the cover, hide is behind a nearby shrub and then sit back and begin enjoying the sunshine. Once a grey cloud appears you can cover it up again with minimum effort.  Warning: Make sure there is no fire still burning when covering with the chiminea cover!!!!