Peace of Mind With Organic Plant Food

If you are going your own fruit, vegetables and herbs then you should consider every step in the process to ensure that you get plants that are nutritious and safe to eat. This is probably the number one benefit of growing your own and now with the range of organic plant foods available on the market you can ensure only the best ingredients go into making the fruit and veg that you eat at home.

Organic plant food contain only natural ingredients and no synthetic or man made chemicals or compounds are added. Therefore the nutrients you give your plants are just as nature intended and are unlikely to have any negative impact on your health or well being.

There has been much said about the benefits of eating organic foods, some positive, some negative. Many have suggested that organic food is of no additional nutrient benefit than commercially produced foods. However there has been much evidence to suggest that organic foos has been found to be higher in antitoxins and phytochemicals.

This coupled with the fact that organic foods do not contain synthetic chemicals such as preservatives, weed killers, fertilizers, herbicides or hormones means that eating organic can only be better for your health

Growing your own vegetables can be 100% organic too. Just eliminate all chemicals from your gardening practices and convert to organic equivalents. Use organic certified seeds, use organic plant foods, and farm yard manure, use natural pest controls and pest barriers, grow vegetables suited to your soil and live with a certain amount of pest damage.

Organic plant foods such as Baby Bio plant food contains the same balance of essential nutrients as common synthetic multi purpose plant foods. The nutrients of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous can all be found and will support plant growth including its roots, foliage, buds, flowers and fruits.

Plants and soil prefer organic plant food as it breaks down slower in the soil giving a more steady and continous feed. While synthetic feeds offer a quick burst of nutrients and then dwindle down to nothing just when the plant requires it the most. Organic feeds do not interferre with the soils micro organisms and will not kill or harm our hard working worms which are essential for good soils and decomposition of organic waste.

There are a range of pellet and liquid feeds available to suit your own growing method. A liquid feed can be applied continuously over the growing season or you can apply it hydroponically to indoor grown plants

Granular or pellected feeds can be applied to soil at time of soil preparation or sowing of seed or transplants and can again be applied as a top dressing during the growing season.