Moss Killer for Your Lawns

There are many reasons why moss will grow on your lawns and there and many ways to kill it and also many ways to prevent the growth of it. To achieve a moss free lawn you will need to be aware of all of the above and tackle each issue as is arises. Armillatox Moss Killer is one way to remove moss from your lawns, but firstly you should really know why moss is likely to grow on your lawns.

Firstly moss, like any weed is an opportunist. If your grass is patchy, slow growing and sparse then moss always stand a chance of colonizing your lawn. So the first question to ask is is your grass going well or is sparse and if so, why?

Moss also likes two types of soil: Moss killer will be needed if you have either a compacted dry soil, or if you have a waterlogged or overly damp soil. Both these conditions limit grass growth and suit moss growth

Moss also likes shady, dry areas such as under trees and moss likes acidic soil conditions.

What you will find is that killing moss requires a number of actions. Firstly  the removal of the existing moss, and this is where the Armillatox moss killer, scarifying and raking comes into play and secondly you will need to prevent the spread of new moss and this is all about making your soil more suitable for growing grass and this is where drainage, aeration, topdressing, re seeding and good management comes into play.

Moss killer is the first step. You can use Armillatox as it is 100% natural and safe for the soil and the environment or you can use Sulphate of Iron which is a very commonly used moss killer and give great results.

Once applied, wait for grass to die and then scarify using either a lawn scarifier or a spring tine rake.

So, pat on the back as you have now removed all moss from your lawn. Of course the work is not over as now your lawn looks like a ugly green and brown tapestry. Now you will need to improve your soil conditions. As stated in previous articles; for grass to grow you need 6 inches of topsoil. If you have less than 3 inches then you will need to add soil. You can top dress your lawns with a top soil and sand mix.

Aeration is essential to prevent moss growth. Aeration solves many of the problems that cause moss growth and is a moss killer in its own right. Aerating soil removes compaction, improves air flow, improves drainage and all gives better conditions for grass and worse conditions for moss.

After you have moss killed, aerated and top dressed you can re seed the lawn. Then water the seeds in well and after 3 months your lawn should be looking good. Remember all lawn work will take time to reap the benefits and all lawn work should be done in dry conditions and ideally at the start or end of summer.

Once you have a lawn you will need to continue to condition the soil, aerating each year and being sure to never cut it too short (never below 1.5 inches) and never allowing your grass get too long (as this can make it patchy) Ideally you should cut your grass every 10 days during the growing season.