Lawn Weed Feed & Moss Killer | An All in One Lawn Care Product

So you want the perfect bowling green lawn? And oh, you want minimum hassle, effort and hardship! Then there is one product for you! J Arthur Bowers has been making fertilizers and other garden chemicals for many years and has been leading the way in horticultural products. They have a lawn weed, feed and moss killer which is the all in one solution for your lawns.

This is a blended, granular product which contains a measured mixture of the essential lawn nutrients; Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous while also containing a moss killing compound; Ferrous Sulphate (also known as Sulphate of Iron) and also contains the selective lawn weed killer Dichloroprop-p.

The weed killer found within this lawn weed, feed and moss killer is a selective weed killer, this means that the compound will only kill a certain type of plant. Grass is a narrow leaved plant and is genetically, very different from the majority of other plants (such as many of our common weeds). While grasses are narrow leaved (or monocots) weeds such as dandelions, plantain, buttercups and thistles are broad leaved (or dicot) plants. The weed killer in lawn weed feed and moss killer will only enter the leaves of the broad leaved, dicot, weeds and our lovely grass can continue to grow uninterrupted.

The moss killing agent is a familiar one, sulphate of Iron has been used on its own as a moss killer on lawns for many years. This product will quickly kill off all moss on your lawns and you will really see how much moss you actually have after it has down its work. The moss killer in lawn weed feed and moss killer is exactly the same and will leave your lawn looking exactly the same. That is (if you have a lot of moss) black. The dead moss turns black leaving your lawn looking rather unsightly. This moss should be raked out and if your lawn was particularly bad, new lawn seed should be re-sown.

The down side to the lawn weed feed and moss killer is that the amount of both the Ferrous Sulphate and the Dichloroprop-p is relatively small in one single application and is unlikely to be enough to solve your weed and moss problems. To get the best results out of a lawn weed feed and moss killer continuous application is required

The fertilizers found in lawn weed feed and moss killer include 10 parts Nitrogen, 2 parts Potassium and 2 parts Phosphorous. With Nitrogen being essential for good leaf growth and lawns being all about good swards of deep green foliage, then Nitrogen is just the thing you need. Potassium and Phosphorous are also included as these are also essential nutrients that are generally lacking in soils.

If you intend on treating your lawn to get the best sward and minimum weeds then the lawn weed feed and moss killer is a great way to go without the hassle of buying three different products and apply at three different times. All you need to do is scatter 35g per square meter and sit back and watch the weeds die and the grass grow. After about two weeks you will notice the curling up of your weeds while your grass will have developed a deeper green colour and a finer and more dense foliage giving an all round more attractive look.