Grampa’s Weeder Can Make Those Dandelions Disappear

If you want to solve your dandelion problem organically and with minimum back ache there is a tool on the market that can do just that. This isn’t a new invention however, this tool was first invented in 1913 and has been used ever since by gardeners across the US and is now becoming popular in Ireland.

The Grampa’s weeder is unique in that it allows you to pick and remove weeds and most of their root without the need to bend over or kneel down. It truly is an effortless way to remove weeds. The tools consists of a long wooden handle which has a metal claw on the end. The claw is pushed into the ground directly over the weed and by simply levering the wooden handle, the claw closes over, grasping the stump and growing point of the pernicious weed. Once the weed has been grasped you simple pull grandpas weeder out of the ground removing the dandelion with it.

Grandpas weeder can be used throughout the garden, on flower beds, vegetable patches but is mostly suited for use on lawns where dandelions are the biggest offenders.

Its is a great way to control your weeds but like any weed it is essential that you pull them before they have a chance to set seed and reproduce. This means you should begin weeding your lawns in mid march and remove the developing dandelions. I find the easiest time to use the grandpa’s weeder is just after a wet weather when the soil has been softened up sufficiently. That way the deep tap roots of the dandelion is easier to pry out of the soil.

The problem with dandelions and all perennial weeds is that they can easily regenerate from small fragments of their roots. If you have been busy pulling your dandelion weeds all day long but have been leaving the smallest of fragments of root in the soil then you can be sure that it wont be long before you are back out going over the whole onerous process again. Of course this is want makes our weeds, weeds; they are rampant, adaptive, hardy plants. They are at home in our cold winters and wet summer. They like our damp clay soils and our temperature climates and really there is no stopping them as many can go from seed to seed in as little time as 3 weeks (ephemeral weeds)

The grandpa weeder is just a tool in the war against weeds and us gardeners need every bit of help they can get. If you don’t like using chemicals (although dicophar is a great way to control weeds on lawns) then I suggest using the weeder tool and use it every 2 weeks on your lawn. A good year of weeder should be enough to severely reduce your weed numbers.