A Trellis Can Add Height & Impact To Your Garden

Trellis have been around for many years and have many uses in the garden, they are versatile and offer instant impact in a garden. The garden trellis comes in a range of shapes, sizes and styles so there will, no doubt, be one to suit your every need. The first and most important point to note is that they should be properly erected and securely fixed to either a wall, fence or timber posts.

The Garden Trellis can last many years if properly erected and treated with a wood preservative every few years.

So what can we use a garden trellis for? Well, they can primarily used to screen and enclose parts of the garden. They can be used to hide an unsightly bin, compost area, or view of neighboring houses. Smaller ones can be fixed to the top of an existing garden fence to add an extra amount of height and therefore screening without blocking out light.

Another popular use for the garden trellis is to fix trellis to timber posts positioned along the edge of a patio or decking to enclose the decking and create a secluded space. This can be a simple and effective way to create a garden room and will allow for further creativity in terms of adding hanging baskets, climbing plants and container on and in front of your trellis.

Generally garden trellises are made from timber but nowadays it is possible to buy steel and wire or timber and glass ones too. These varying materials will give different results in the garden. Meaning you can create different themes and styles to your garden. It would be best to ensure that the materials you choose for your trellis work well with the existing materials in the garden.

In general materials can be divided into different categories; modern, traditional, classical, cottage, urban and more. It is always best to match categories when choosing paving, walling, trellis and even planting for a single garden design.

You can even create your own trellis by purchasing 4 timber sections and 2 cross sections and build a rectangular frame. Use a garden wire mesh to create the trellis effect. This can be done to create a modern and urban style and would work well in a modern style of garden.

Other materials used to make a home made garden trellis include: mesh re-bar, Bamboo canes, willow stems and wrought iron. Trellises can be curved, rectangular, or joined to form pergolas, arches and walkways. Sometimes they can be place over the top of seating areas, patios and decking to offer shade and create interesting shade patterns from sunlight. They can be painted to blend with or contrast against existing colours in the garden. The list of uses are endless and they would be recommend in everyone’s garden