Artificial Grass Solutions

When it comes to low maintenance in the garden, nothing beat Artificial grass. Artificial grass is a really great new way to save on time spent gardening while still having a garden to spend time in!

Gone are the days spent toiling away cutting grass and edging lawns. Gone are the hours spent picking dandelion flower heads and fighting the never ending battle of lawn weeds and lawn moss. Put away your scarifier, sell your lawn mower and fling your lawn edger in the bin because these are tools you no longer need!

If you install artificial grass now it won’t be long before you have saved yourself money. No more need to fill up the petrol can with ever more expensive petrol and no more need to invest in lawn feeds and weed chemicals. With synthetic grass you will have a perfectly manicured lawn every day of the year.

There is little or no maintenance required yet the subtle grass fibres will give the look of a real, natural lawn. With the range of artificial lawns on sale, there is one to suit every taste, budget and garden. The lower costing synthetic grass cost around 11 euros per square metre and as a low pile height. These are still top quality options and look a little bit like a putting green. And everyone would love to have a putting green-like lawn in their garden

More expensive artificial grass would cost around 20 euros per square metre. These grass have a more realistic look both when viewed up-close and from a distance. These expensive synthetic lawns have a pile height of about 22mm and come in 3 different fibre widths and colours. This gives the effect of lush green grass with a small amount of ‘thatch’ beneath, so it really looks the part

In terms of maintenance, these lawns benefit from a cleaning every so often. On a montly basis you should hose down and rinse off your synthetic lawns. This involves washing over  the top of the lawns with water and brushing away the water and any debris that has gathered on the surface.

By doing this routine clean you can prevent the build up of dust and leaf debris that would otherwise cause weed problems in the future

A weak vinegar solution should be applied to artificial grass every so often, this should be done on lawns where pet waste is a common problem. Firstly, remove any pet waste on a weekly or daily basis and then each monthly apply a weak vinegar solution and rinse off with a hose

Otherwise, you can be sure  that your fake grass will serve you well for many years to come