Decorative Stone Uses In The Garden

Designing a garden should always include a certain amount of decorative stone. This landscaping material comes with many benefits and is a great addition to a design of planting scheme. Over the many years of garden design and changing fashions, decorative stone has always been used in one way or another


The benefits of using stone stem from its range of applications as well as the pleasing aesthetics of decorative stone.

It can be used in the following ways:

Surface for paths & patios: What a cost effective way to create a surface for paths & patios. Decorative stone is really a low cost solution that will really look great. Lay approx. 3” of stone meaning that a 1m3 or bulk bag would cover an area of approx. 13m2
Drives & driveways: Decorative stone makes wonderful driveway for homes & business simply because the subtle colours & fine texture of this material can look great over a large expense of area. The sound from gravels as we walk or drive over them also offer a security value that you would not get from stone or block paving. When using decorative stone on driveways you must first put in a sufficient sub base of crushed 804 stone to the depth of at least 100mm and compact this down before laying your stone. The depth of the decorative gravel should be about 2” and ideally an angular stone of approx. 14mm would be best for drives
Over flower Beds: Decorative stone can again be used on large planted areas and will act to control weed growth and also to act as a backdrop for plants & flowers to stand out & really shine. When using decorative stone on flower beds you should first lay a layer of heavy duty weed block fabric and then lay your gravel over the top.  At least 3” of gravel or stone is needed to prevent weed growth coming up through a weed membrane
The great thing about these stones is that they come in so many different colours, shapes & sizes and they can all blend together well, be used on their own or be used in conjunction with other materials. There is a wide range of ideas and suggestions that can be easily implemented using decorative stone. Just spending time watching the Chelsea Flower Show would give you ideas on how best to use different stone in your garden