Bird Food Feeding Guide

With a whole array of bird foods on sale the question you might ask is which is the right food for the wild birds in my garden? A worthy question indeed as not all birds will eat the same food. To make life simple and to try and outline the best food for each bird , we at the garden shop have come up with a simple guide. Birds do enjoy the bird food that we feed them and during the winter months this food can be essential to ensure that our birds remain healthy and active during that time. While this bird food is a great source of nutrients birds still tend to prefer more natural and self got foods such as snails, insects and worms.


The Blackbird: Like to eat insects, worms, bird food seeds & berries including suet berries

Blue tit: Insect are also popular with the blue tit as well as seeds, peanuts and suets such as high energy fat balls

Chaffinch: The number one way to attract the chaffinch into your garden is to leave out nyjer seed bird food and soon the chaffinch will flock to your garden. I say soon, but it can take a number of days or weeks before the chaffinch first spots the bird food, but once they do, they will tell other chaffinches. Chaffinch will also eat insects, bird food seeds and berries

Coal tit: The Coal tit enjoys insects, bird seeds, bird peanuts and wild berries

Goldfinch: Also a big fan of nyger seed, the goldfinch will also eat insects, seeds and peanuts

Great tit: Similar looking to the blue tit with their distintive yellow breast, the great tit has light brown wings and black and white head. These birds like to eat insects, seeds, peanuts and suets

Greenfinch: More yellow than green the greenfinch is a delightfully colourful bird. If you want to attract these to your garden you can leave out bird seeds, wild bird peanuts and berry treats

House sparrow: He likes to eat insects, seeds and bread

Robins: Robins are different in that they are to feed from ground level and are not akin to using bird feeders, stations or feeding tables. You can buy specific robin bird food which is generally high in wheats & seeds. Robins also like insects, worms and berries

Tree sparrows: These picky with peckers only like to eat insects and bird seeds

Starlings: The true stars of the sky, These wonderful birds flock together to create the most amazing flying shows known as murmurations. These hard working birds like to eat insects, seeds, nuts, suets and berries

Woodpeckers: When they are not pecking on wood they like to munch down insects, seeds and nut