Crumb Tubber Garden Edging Products

The garden shop has just added a range of crumb rubber products to their range. This is a great opportunity for both companies and for irish gardeners who can now avail of the wonderful product range at great low online prices. Crumb rubber is a wonderful solution to many of our modern day problems, firstly crumb rubber takes an otherwise undisposable product – car tyres, and turns them in to useful landscaping products. The second problem crumb rubber solves is the issue of poor quality landscaping materials on the market



Crumb rubber is a high durable and long lasting material that can be used year after year with great results. The product range includes:

Rubber Garden edging

Rubber Garden edging products come in so many sizes and materials. All have their own merits. But crumb rubbers merits surpasses them all, the garden edging which comes in 2M lengths is ideal for many reasons. It is easy to install, low cost per linear metre and is both long lasting and effective edging Edging sections- these are a new product by crumb rubber and offer a cost effective solution for our garden borders and edgings. You can use these to edge lawn borders, vegetable patches, gravel paths and more. They are both flexible and sturdy and will work around any garden.

Rubber Patio Mats

Also known as multi-purpose mats, these are slightly thinner than crumb rubbers driveway mats. They are a super and quick way to create a patio or path in your garden. Their uses also extend beyond the garden as they can be found on gold courses, football stadiums, factory floors and elsewhere. The tiles are best when laid on a compacted 804 surface which is as soft and level as possible. The tiles however can also be laid on soil, grass, sand and on uneven and rolling surface. The patio mats can be edged using the rubber garden edging products

Rubber Playground mat

These 33mm thick mats are perfect for kids play areas, be it back gardens, schools creches or playgrounds these mats are designed for kids and kids fall. They meet the BS British Standard for critical safe fall height of 1.9m meaning that your children can play safe without fear of hurt. These playground mats can be laid with crumb rubber garden edgings

Rubber Tree rings

Quite a unique product the tree rings are a brilliant solution to many a trees woes. The rings fit around the base of a trees trunk and perform the task of keeping weeds down, keeping the soil warm and moist and most importantly, providing a mowing edge for easy grass cutting. With a suitable mowing edge the ring trees keep lawnmowers at a safe distance from the trees trunk therefore the risk of damage to the trunk is greatly reduced. Damage by lawnmowers is the number one cause of tree death on lawns, especially in estates and public areas.