Bird Food – Peanuts Are Good For Your Garden Birds

What are the benefits of feeding Peanut bird food to your birds?
The red skinned peanuts are a great source of energy for wild birds which is essential to see them through the otherwise bleak winter months.  Because of the frozen ground conditions, lack of activity on farm land and gardens as well as the sometimes snow covered ground – excess to worms and other sources of food for wild birds is very limited between the months of October to March

It is during these months that our wild bird rely on us gardening to keep bird feeders and bird tables stocked up with food such as bird food peanuts
While other bird foods can also be popular, bird peanuts are an ideal source of energy and nutrition as they provide birds with essential nutrients, oils, proteins, minerals and vitamin. All that packed into each peanut means that your wild bird will be coming back for more, every day!
Bird peanuts are also an easy way to feed birds as custom design peanut feeders are quick and easy to fill and unlike seed or fatball feeders they are quite neat and don’t spill all over the ground below. Another common problem with seed bird food is that the seeds can actually fall to the ground and germinate to form weeds in your garden. There has even been cases where some of these weeds have become invasive
Peanuts are best fed to birds using the specific peanut feeders this is because the feeders ensure that bird and especially youngbirds peak at and break down the peanuts into smaller pieces before swallowing. This prevents any chance of the birds chocking on whole peanuts
Bird Peanuts can be bought in a range of sizes and grades. The first thing to be sure of is that the peanuts are screened for alfa toxins. This is a common bacteria which can infect peanuts and crops and is harmful to both humans and birds. As peanuts come from African and south American countries it is important to check the packaging for proof that the peanuts have been tested for this bacteria
Olega red skinned peanuts are a grade 2 peanut from Argentina which are screened for alfatoxins. By the term ‘Grade 2’ it means they have a smaller percentage of damaged peanuts than a grade 1 pack. It also means they have less damaged peanuts than a grade 3 pack. Damaged peanuts include those damaged by frost, pests & mould