Boarding For Dogs in Ireland

One thing that we can fail to consider when first getting a pet is that a pet is indeed for life and is will be with you all day, everyday. Dogs in particular soon become a member of the family and need attention and care on an hourly basis, never mind a daily basis

You could say that this is not a problem as dogs and pets are wonderful additions to any household. But when it comes to busy days, holidays, weddings or other events where you just can’t get home for the day the first issue that arises is what to do with the dog!

Dog care in Ireland is really not all that great. There is a real shortage of good quality dog groomers, kennels, day care centres and learning centres to dogs and dog owners to take advantage of

So if you need someone or somewhere to care for your dog over the weekend you might find yourself i a bit of a dilema trying you find a place that suits.

Living in the midlands I find myself travelling the country looking for a suitable dog care centre and here is list of the best options for your pet:

The Dog Ranch
For dog care there is nowhere better in the country. Found in co Cavan the dog ranch puts dog care as their top priority with their huge centre full of happy dogs. They offer overnight stays, grooming services and dog training so your dog will be kept entertained and looking good all the time he is ‘on vacation’

Positive dog training
Best option in Dublin for dog day care. The centre is a hub of activity for dogs of all sizes with grooming and positive training. The idea here is to keep your dog busy and active all day long so that he is returned to you relaxed and content and happy to just go home and reminisce over a fun day past

Dublin Rspca
Here the RSPCA run a dog spa and hotel which sounds very fancy indeed. When we bring our dog here we are most certain the he is going to be happy, safe and stress free. The RSCPA offer an overnight dog care centre. The centre is very safe home for dogs and is warm and cosy with a Vet on call 24 hours a day

Kendlea Boarding Kennels
Keith Powells boarding Kennels outside kilbeggan in Kildare is a fantastic destination for dogs. Keith takes great care of all dogs and knows exactly what to do to keep them all clam and happy during their stay. High recommended