Playground Mats For Safe Play

To make the most out of your garden you should try to ensure that there is something there for everyone to enjoy. For children, fun can be found almost anywhere in the garden, with adventures being played out across lawns and in amongst the beds and borders. But for adults, most enjoyment can be sound when sitting back and enjoying a nice cup of tea or book. Either way, when the sun is out the garden is a hive of activity in a garden that has something for everyone

To ensure we all can enjoy a garden to its fullest, soft landing rubber playground mats can be installed to give both peace of mind to parents and somewhere to run jump, fall and play for kids big and small

Soft landing playground mats have been designed to provide a critical safe fall height of 1.8m which, for most forms of children’s play is more than sufficient. A small kid’s play area can be quickly and cheaply covered in soft rubber playground mats and will instantly create an area devoted to child’s play. With the playground mats in place you can add a range of playground equipment including swings, slides, climbing frames, sand pits, paddling pools and more to allow your kids past the time

Playground mats come in a wide range of colour and styles so you can even design exactly how you want your own play area to look. Choosing bright coloured tiles will really create a child friendly area, but over time these colours may fade. So ideally for a long lasting play area we would recommend choosing more earthy colours of red, blacks or browns

To install your own playground mats you need to treat the area like you would a patio or driveway. First excavate the area and then add a layer to crushed 804 stone. Compact the stone and then add a layer of screeding sand – for playground tiles add a layer of approx. 40cm and screed to ensure there are no humps and bumps. Next you can start laying the playground mats

Larger tiles are easier to lay as they go down quicker and small level changes won’t be noticed. Two people would be required to lift the tiles into place and then they should be tapped into place using a rubber mallet
The playground mats will quickly knit together to form one layer play area for your kids. To edge the play area you can use sleepers, block kerbs or even rubber garden edging which will provide even further soft impact surfaces