Lavender – Lavandula Hidcote Plant Profile

Lavender Shape & Size

Grow Lavender seeds or plant and they will grow into full size plants with 5 years
Final Height: 10 – 50cm
Final Spread: 50 – 100cm
Growth: Moderate / Slow

Most Lavenders can take about 5 years to fill out. It is important to stay on top of pruning to keep them in check and prevent them from becoming leggy.
Lavendula Hidcote is a dwarf variety that stays more compact than other varieties of Lavender
Type: Herbaceous to woody, Evergreen Perennial.
Lavender is not a typical perennial as it is mostly a herbaceous plant but as it ages it will develop a woody stem
Habit: Compact, Rounded, Mound

Lavender Features
Foliage: Evergreen & Herbaceous
Colour: Silvery blue leaves all year round. Can lose its leaves in cold winters
Shape: Long, narrow leaves. Slightly hairy. Leaves contain essential oils which give lavender its fragrance

Lavender Flowers

Spikes of flower stems arise in June. Approx. 15cm in length
Violet / Lavender colour. Each flower can be 3 to 5 cm in length
The Flower on Lavender Hidcote is smaller than other varieties of lavender
Flowering period: July to September

Lavender Location
Uses: Looks great everywhere. Best at the front of borders. Can be planted en mass of big impact
Sometimes grown inside box parterres or can be used to form a low growing hedge
Suited to a Mediterranean style garden.
Can be grown in pots or planters
Aspect: Full Sun
Soil: Sandy, Free draining, low fertility
pH: Any pH
Hardiness: Hardy
Companion Plants: Box, Stipa gigantea, Heuchera purple palace, Santolina, Alchemilla Mollis, Stachys bizanthia

Lavender Information
Lavendula Hidcote is an English Lavender and is the best variety for growing in the Irish climate and soil. They can be grown for seed or root divisions or of course you can buy potted plants in garden centres.
Softwood cuttings of lavender can be made in early summer. It is easy to do and by the end of the summer you can make several new plants off one lavender plant
Lavender is great in the garden as it is evergreen, easy to grow, is fragrant and looks great in the summer months. But lavender is also great in the home as potpourri can be used to aid sleep & relaxation